Keep up with patient expectations.
Expectations for patient care and member services are on the rise. So is the demand to improve efficiency and lower cost. Our healthcare call center software can help.
Lower operating costs
Reduce your operating costs up to 30% by upgrading to a modern, cloud contact center designed to enrich your patient and provider service.
Work efficiently
Streamline billing and collections staff communications with both payers and patients.
Automate communications
Connect each patient with the right care provider based on schedule and skill.
Maintain compliance
Deliver HIPAA and policy compliant communications from patient wellness tips to appointment schedules.
Unify all your channels
Eliminate high effort, disconnected, and frustrating patient experiences.
Ensure security
Protect against privacy violations, security breaches, and failed compliance audits.
A healthy dose of innovation.
See how Envera Health used CXone to automatically route patient calls based on 1,300 various healthcare skills. And then how they deployed contact analytics to further enhance patient care.
digital communication
Just what the doctor ordered.
"The system’s flexibility ensures that we stay in compliance with union rules and State of California regulations that impact staffing. We rely on it to create the ideal schedules that we give our staff. The entire shift bidding process is managed through the system, too."

- Alan Clayton, WellStar Health System
Keep private patient data private.
When it comes to protecting privacy, the stakes have never been higher. Protect patient data – and your reputation – with NICE CXone. We’re certified compliant with popular healthcare security and privacy compliance standards.
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Case Studies

CXone Gives Envera Health Important Tools, Insights (PDF)

Envera Health utilizes NICE CXone cloud CXone solutions to provide its clients’ patients the very best experiences when they call. With CXone tools, calls are routed based on 1,300 skills, and key metrics and analytics give Envera and its clients important, actionable insights for continuing to enhance patient care.  

Case Studies

Global hearing health care leader turns up the volume with CXone

This multinational, 10,000-clinic company was a global leader in the hearing health care sector, but its contact centers struggled with system obsolescence, an inability to make automated outbound calls, inadequate reporting and a lack of integration with its CRM and marketing systems. Selecting NICE CXone's unified cloud contact center solution, however, boosted performance and efficiency-and turned it all around.

Case Studies

CXone is a Flexible, Cost-Effective Solution for Aetna Medicare Transition Services

Switching from employer health insurance to Medicare can be a confusing process! But having moved from an on-premises system to NICE CXone's cloud contact center platform, Aetna Medicare Transition Services’ contact center helps customers move seamlessly to a Medicare plan — while using a flexible, cost-effective CX solution that’s had a positive financial impact on the business.