Reliability when you need it most.

Downtime isn’t an option. That’s why NICE comes with a uptime guarantee of 99.99% and the ability to quickly switch your call center operations.

Never lose a call or session due to downtime.

99.99% platform uptime

Keep your operation running with our guaranteed 99.99% uptime SLA.
Built-in redundancy and failover
Never lose an active or queued contact session with fully redundant failover.
Rapid response at any scale

Automatically route calls to remote workers in multiple locations with more flexibility.
What our customers are saying.

“Our favorite thing about NICE CXone's cloud-based workforce management solutions, first and foremost, is the stability and consistency. We are 24/7 and the disaster hotline for LA County."

Amy Latzer, Chief Operating Officer, 211 LA County

professional services

Stability. Flexibility. Dependability.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
Route contacts to the most qualified available agent anywhere in the world, based on any need.

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Workforce Intelligence
Automate daily operations, so you can keep service levels consistent across your contact center even during disaster.
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Security and Compliance
Get access to the cloud security experts, tools and processes that keep your contact center safe and compliant.
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Voice as a Service

Using one of multiple dedicated connection options, CXone helps prevent dropped or abandoned calls due to voice quality issues.
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NICE CXone Disaster Recovery Capabilities

NICE CXone provides enterprise level failover and redundancy capabilities to keep your business going, along with scalability features to allow quick response to any situation.

Case Studies

Business Continuity during a pandemic

Calls to 211 LA’s disaster hotline escalated dramatically during the COVID-19 pandemic. 211 LA turned to Expivia, a BPO using CXone, which enabled both organizations to quickly transition their agents to working from home.

White Papers

Contact center disaster recovery (PDF)

Understand the challenges of implementing and managing a disaster recovery program for your contact center.