All the right resources in all the right places.

Effective contact center management means bringing the right resources, insights, and processes together, so you can know more, improve faster, and automatically adapt throughout the day.
Bring our capabilities to your contact center.
Automate staff scheduling

Schedule smarter with the ability to accommodate preferences and align agent skills with customer needs.
Enhance agent performance

Stay ahead of ever-changing customer questions with proven agent coaching and training.
Measure customer satisfaction
Use customer feedback to improve your contact center—and every interaction.
What our customers are saying.

“Having our entire call center on the CXone platform has made it so much easier to run our care operations, which has led to improved member satisfaction and cost savings.”

-Gherman Duckworth, Senior Manager-Workforce,

professional services
Take contact center management to the next level.
Workforce Management (WFM)
Improve agent engagement with less work while creating and managing schedules and forecasts.

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Quality Management
Turn every customer interaction into a loyalty-building experience with proactive agent performance and effectiveness coaching.
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Interaction Analytics
Identify the root cause of problems and watch customer trends across 100% of your customer interactions.
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Reporting and Analytics
See the big picture. Deliver big results. Make decisions with a bigger impact.

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Automation and AI
See how AI can be a powerful new way to improve, simplify, and automate your contact center operations.
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Give your managers more streamlined control

With unified administration, you’ve got more control and a simpler way to manage your contact center.

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Simplify Workforce management

Simplify everything from forecasting to scheduling without juggling spreadsheets or multiple applications.


NICE Quality Management Analytics

Now you can evaluate every agent and interaction with pinpoint accuracy.