NICE Disaster Recovery Capabilities


When disaster strikes, the contact center becomes an even more integral part of a business’ operations. In the wake of major disruptions there are often long-term consequences as a result of being offline or delivering a less than satisfactory customer experience, including lost revenue. NICE CXone provides enterprise level failover and redundancy capabilities to keep your business going, along with scalability features to allow quick response to any situation.

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Contact center disaster recovery (PDF)

Understand the challenges of implementing and managing a disaster recovery program for your contact center.

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Disaster Recovery Contact Center Technology

The NICE blended predictive dialer allows companies of any size to easily tackle fluctuating call volumes.  See how BPOs, healthcare, and collection companies use the tool to increases per agent productivity, enable more right party connects, and proactively contact customer.  With our cloud dialing system, all work is blended automatically, moving outbound agents to inbound queues when call volumes increase, and back to outbound when inbound service levels are met. There’s no time-consuming screen switching or need to access different systems, because agents use the same hosted dialer interface for all calls.    

White Papers

The Work-at-home agent

This paper discusses benefits and options for adopting a home-based agent model. Many factors contribute to the desire for businesses to invest in a work-at-home program including higher agent productivity, reduced attrition, broader talent pool, lower operational costs and response preparedness.