Tap into your team’s potential.
Give your agents full visibility to drive their performance, guide them in real time and empower them with scheduling flexibility and gamification.
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Give your agents everything they need.
With NICE WEM, your agents get the real-time data and industry-leading AI technology they need to turn even the smallest interactions into big-time opportunities.
Workforce Management
Anticipate business demands with smarter forecasting and scheduling that keeps SLAs up and costs down.
Quality Management
Deliver a better customer experience through analytics and AI targeted, actionable agent feedback and coaching.
Contact Center Omnichannel Recording
Easily capture all your contact center interaction recordings for your center’s regulatory requirements and for driving better performance.
Sales Performance Management
Automate sales compensation at scale including incentives, quota management, and performance pay.
Contact Center Performance Management
Keep improving—and stay aligned with your organizational goals, while engaging employees through persona-based coaching and gamification.
Augment your workforce with automation
Quick and accurate RPA bots work around the clock to increase throughput and capacity.
Guide agent behaviors in real-time
Empower agents with improvement tips embedded in their desktop and live supervisor monitoring.
Don’t choose between efficiency and experience. Get both.
See how NICE Workforce Management software helped Hoveround cut costs and deliver a better experience while boosting efficiency.
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"It’s very simple and clean. Navigation is easy. It’s responsive. It looks good and works really well — how often can you say both of those phrases in the same sentence about technology? We’re really ecstatic about it, and the unified interface has definitely improved our service levels.”
Brandon Wade
Telecommunications Manager Rentpath
Find new ways to be even better.
When real-time data, accurate forecasts, and fully integrated technology come together, you can deliver a consistent customer experience every time with an optimized workforce.
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Help your agents flourish

Read how NICE Workforce Engagement can unlock your team’s potential.

Turn your team into a high-performance engine

Your agents are your greatest asset when it comes to customer satisfaction. NICE Workforce Engagement (WEM) helps your team excel.