Make outbound dialing predictive - and productive.
Close the deal

Increase connection rates and list penetration for better business results.
Set the right tone

Reach the right customers with the right information at the right time in the right channel.
Create stronger connections
Improve customer experiences by enabling your agents to personalize each interaction.
Stop the hang-ups
Eliminate awkward pauses with patented dialing technology to greet the customer at the first hello.
Faster, easier connections.
Setting the right tone can help you meet your quotas and drive more revenue. Here’s how.
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Patented predictive outbound.

NICE CXone Personal Connection is a predictive dialer that generates more revenue and reduces hang-ups. It gives your Inside Sales team an easier way to reach their quota by connecting with more prospects every day and convert more calls than ever. It also lets your Customer Service team provide a better customer experience: they can greet the customer at the first hello and give every interaction a personal touch. Blending inbound and outbound boosts agent productivity. And reaching out proactively makes customers happy and reduces inbound calls and cost for the call center.
Introducing CXone Personal Connection.
See how Personal Connection helps contact centers reach out to customers using digital and voice channels while balancing service quality and cost.
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“CXone Personal Connection has really revolutionized how we do business. Our lead conversion increased by 116%, which is almost unheard of, and it’s all done through the CXone platform.”
Jan van Dalen
Director of Information Technology Hoveround
A fully featured predictive dialer.
Make outbound easy
Focus on business results, not technology. Run voice and digital campaigns in a snap. Reach more prospects and realize more revenue with faster “Speed-to-Lead".
Fewer are-you-there’s
Be more productive with no pause dialing that reduces hang-ups and lets you greet customers at the first hello, making every interaction personal for happy customers and agents.
Connect like clockwork
Seamlessly blend inbound and outbound interactions across channels, and proactively reach out to customers to head off inbound calls and make your agents more productive.
Comply with confidence
Rely on our experts and a network of partners to avoid legal issues. Choose from various dialing options to ensure compliance - even within one campaign.
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SunRun: Generating Growth with NICE CXone

Sunrun selected NICE CXone, because of its Salesforce integration and outstanding reporting. With CXone, they’ve realized a positive impact on many KPIs, including a 5% reduction in average handle time.

A better way for outbound.

How can you use predictive dialing today to make your agents more productive without wreaking havoc on the customer experience?