Customer-driven performance.
Put your feedback to work

Improve decision making, operations, experiences, and more through unbiased customer feedback.

See the bigger picture
Go beyond the call center to improve the entire customer journey.
Empower your agents
Equip your agents with the information and feedback they need to self-coach.
Recognize excellence
Now you can easily recognize and reward all your high-performing agents.
Share important data
Distribute the right data to the right people and departments across your entire organization.
Technology that powers your customer experiences.
Empower leaders to see inside the minds of customers to better understand their expectations, perceptions, and needs.
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CXone Feedback Management

NICE CXone Feedback Management lets you easily collect unbiased customer feedback across multiple channels. With an intuitive interface, customizable views, simple, interactive dashboards, you get a better view of your customers’ expectations, frustrations, and needs – quickly and effortlessly. Now you can resolve concerns faster and personally tailor every single interaction. Expand beyond your contact center to drive action across departments for optimal business performance.
Customer satisfaction 101.
Customer Surveys help turn feedback into insights that can enhance agent performance and create a better experience for customers across every channel.
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“We use CXone survey results to understand customers’ perceptions and experiences....We use these answers to improve our products, processes, and enhance the customer journey.”
Bruce Gilbert
CTO Young Energy
Capture feedback, improve experience.
Know your customers better
Gather actionable, unbiased feedback, directly from your customers, immediately after every interaction.
Socialize customer feedback
Analyze data using flexible dashboards and adjust survey questions based on actual customer insights using easily customizable survey design tools.
Improve agent performance
Share feedback straight from the source to eliminate misinterpretation, then help your agents adjust and self-correct using direct customer feedback.
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