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Patients as Consumers and Customers How Can Health Care Meet Their Growing CX Demands

Patients as ‘Consumers’ and ‘Customers’: How Can Health Care Meet Their Growing CX Demands

The pandemic has rapidly accelerated the “consumerization” of health care—patients behaving more like consumers in their healthcare interactions. In a white paper on key industry insights, Deloitte says the consumer has arrived in the healthcare industry sooner than expected. It’s having major impacts throughout the industry, including on the contact centers that interact with those consumers on behalf of healthcare organizations and providers. In fact, the patient-consumer is already here. How will health care meet their changing needs?
Digital contact centers the future is now

Digital contact centers: The future is now

When it comes to planning technology investment, the contact center is thought of as a cost center and unfortunately often overlooked or sold short. When it comes to technology initiatives, it might go unnoticed and underfunded. This creates two issues: a contact center that stays in the past can cost your business a lot of money, and you might be missing out on turning the contact center from a cost center to a profit center. For larger companies, this could have consequences in the millions of dollars. As technology continues to improve and competitors put in new systems that make customer service a breeze, it can leave other companies behind in the dust. Also, in a time when superior customer service is an important if not the main competitive differentiator, the contact center is probably not the best place to lag behind the industry.

NICE’s Innovative Click to Automate Feature Breaks New Ground in the RPA Market

As an IT or business professional working on a robotic process automation (RPA) program, you may be using a tool like NICE’s Automation Finder to uncover process automation opportunities. As valuable as this functionality is, wouldn’t it be even better if you could transform these recommended processes into live automations with a click of a button? We agree, which is why we have introduced the industry’s first true Click to Automate feature in NICE RPA version 7.4.
Fresh Ways to Energize Your Digital Customer Engagement

Fresh Ways to Energize Your Digital Customer Engagement

Do you believe that the relationship between your business and its customers ends when they make a purchase? If so, your digital customer engagement might need a little tweaking to meet the needs of today’s modern consumers. Customers today require a lot more attention than they might have a few decades ago. People today are used to having their needs met instantaneously; doing otherwise can lead to a loss of business.