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NICE inContact CX Transformation Benchmark 2020 How the Coronavirus Shaped Customer Expectations

NICE CX Transformation Benchmark 2020: How the Coronavirus Shaped Customer Expectations

The annual Consumer Wave of the NICE Customer Experience (CX) Transformation Benchmark Study dove deep into how the pandemic has shaped the way customers are interacting with contact centers. The study polled more than 2,500 individuals in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada during September 2020 – specifically consumers who had communicated with a company through a customer service experience in the last three months. Here are the three major subjects we explored in the consumer research and what they mean for the future of customer expectations.
The Ultimate Dialer Guide for Your Outbound Call Center

The Ultimate Dialer Guide for Your Outbound Call Center

Contrary to popular belief, dialers are not used just for telemarketing. The right dialer can turn any inbound contract center into a powerful blended contact center to help accelerate business growth. The challenge is selecting the best dialer for the task at hand. This guide will review different types of dialers, and help you decide which dialer is best suited for you. We will also look at compliance risks associated with using dialers along with the many benefits a dialer can deliver.
ECSI and CXone

With CXone Technology, ECSI ‘Acts Like the Big Guys’

The story of student loan servicer ECSI is a story of partnership and the sense of a higher mission, one of providing support to colleges and universities and of helping young people and their families navigate financial issues they may be encountering for the first time. It’s a story of building relationships and providing services in meaningful ways to constituents who need them. Above all, ECSI’s story is one of a small business able to perform like a much larger one—all while continuing to grow and provide exceptional experiences with every interaction.