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new years resolution build your customer

New Year’s Resolution: Build your customer loyalty with great customer experiences through improved AI and agent interactions

Did anybody else lose touch with friends during the pandemic? Working remotely and living in this segmented new normal has had its challenges and has done wonders at separating us from one another. Becca Jensen has certainly felt the disconnect and for that reason has decided that her New Year resolution is to let a few friends know that she has been thinking about them. Cards won’t cut it. She wants to send something more meaningful: Flowers!

Research Recap: Aberdeen Highlights the ROI of Smart Self-Service

Customers expect more from the companies they do business with than ever before, making seamless service across all channels—including, increasingly, self-service channels—a priority across industries. When customers prefer to address their needs themselves, they want consistent, personalized self-service capabilities that make it easier for them to get the answers and resolution they expect.

Fast-Tracking Quality Automation

When it comes to quality management, most contact centers today have what can be considered a basic program, with a lot of manual processes. At PSCU, the largest credit union service organization in the United States, a partnership with NICE enabled the organization to fast-track its quality automation and mature its quality program in short order.

NEVA Discover: Optimize Your Processes Based on Actionable Insights

There are thousands of inefficiencies across your business, ranging from process bottlenecks, execution gaps and error-prone manual tasks to systems latency and overreliance on the knowledge base. Yet identifying each of them and knowing which to focus on first in process automation and optimization efforts isn’t easy without access to the right data and insights.