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The Ultimate Dialer Guide for Your Outbound Call Center

The Ultimate Dialer Guide for Your Outbound Call Center

Contrary to popular belief, dialers are not used just for telemarketing. The right dialer can turn any inbound contract center into a powerful blended contact center to help accelerate business growth. The challenge is selecting the best dialer for the task at hand. This guide will review different types of dialers, and help you decide which dialer is best suited for you. We will also look at compliance risks associated with using dialers along with the many benefits a dialer can deliver.
Complete Beginners Guide to Outbound Call Centers

Complete Beginner’s Guide to Outbound Call Centers

An outbound call center is a customer service or sales operation that makes outgoing calls to customers or prospects. It's staffed with specially trained agents who work on-site, remotely, or may work for a business process outsourcer (BPO). Outbound call centers require unique technology, KPIs, and compliance requirements.
Women sits at DMV but expects to be able to reach government agencies digitally especially during COVID-19.

How the Cloud Contact Center is Helping Businesses Adapt to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally altered every aspect of our lives. For government agencies, the stakes have never been higher. Agencies responsible for providing essential services to citizens have been forced to take drastic action in order to continue to provide those services while protecting employees that are fielding an exponential increase in call volumes.
Calling on Coronavirus Preparing the contact center for a pandemic

Uncertainty or crisis? Preparing the contact center for the unknown

Most of the world has its eyes on the news about coronavirus and its potential business and human impact, and there is uncertainty and potential for disruption in the coming weeks. In order to maintain business operations, organizations are looking to rapidly prepare for the challenges today and will want to prepare ahead for the possibility of these events as part of their disaster recovery, just as they would for natural disasters.